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To whomever it may concern,

I don’t have any flowery salutations for you and your cronies. I believe you get enough of that in your offices swinging on imported leather chairs behind huge mahogany finished desks. Your chauffeur too ensures your ego is sufficiently stroked every day. When you walk out of your large mansion or furnished apartment and into the open back left door of your fuel guzzler. Your suit, is it an import? Italian maybe? What about your shoes? Does the driver complain about your possibly obnoxious cologne? Pardon me. Of course he doesn’t. He might hate his job but he loves his family more. Compromise. Something you should look up.

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“I was angry, but not at the Nazis” –One Way Highschools are Failing to Educate

Wafiq Syed

Tears rolled down the cheeks of my fellow students as they watched “Schindler’s List” in our grade 10 World History class. As I observed the class, a fire of anger lit up inside of me. The more sad faces and tears I saw, the more fuel was added to my fire. Although I was sad for the Jews who faced countless atrocities during the Holocaust, I was angry, and NOT at the Nazis.

Scene from movie "Schindler's List" Scene from movie “Schindler’s List”

I felt confused and sad as to how so many students can shed tears for historical events, and yet remain unaware of the many issues which exist today! The irony of high schools and their education systems became prevalent to me when a young girl emotionally asked our teacher, “Why did the whole world ignore the rise of Nazis for so long?” I asked myself in those same distressing seconds, why do so many people ignore the situations…

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Assalaam aleikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh, so as a muslimah i am so excited Ramadhan is around the corner about 6 days to go. We all know how important Ramadhan is to all muslims and mu’mins.

What is Ramadhan?

Ramadhan is the ninth month of the Hijr calendar,Lunar calendar which the islamic dates are based on.It is the month where every muslim gets to fulfill the 4th pillar in which islam is build on that is Saum (Fasting).

Why is Ramadhan Important?

Ramadhan is important since it is the Month in which The Glorious Qur’an was reveal to mankind.Surah Baqarah verse 185: Allah Ta’ala Says, The month of Ramadhan is that in which the Quran was revealed ,as a guidance to men and clear proof of guidance and distinction ,therefore whoever of you is present in the month,he shall fast therein….

Therefore from this verse we see the weight that Ramadhan holds therefore this same verse also stresses the importance of reciting Quraan during this Holy Month.

Also, The second Importance of This Month is The Fact that The Night of power Happens on this Month.One may ask What is The Night of Decree?It is a night more than 1000 months. Quran chapter 97 verse 2-4  Surah Al Qadr states,The Night of Decree is better than 1000 months,The Angels and The Spirit (Angel Gabriel) descend by the permission of their Lord for every matter,Peace Prevails until the emergence of Dawn.


invocation-for-lailatul-qadr-660x463 lailatulqadr Lailatul-Qadr laylatul_qadr_hadith-419288 laylatul-qadr seeking-lailatul-qadr

Sahih Bukhari Volume 3 book 31 The Book Of Fasting, number 120’Sahl Narates;

The Prophet Peace and Blessings of Allah be Upon Him said,”There is a gate in Paradise called Rayyan,and those who observe Fast will enter through it on the Day of Judgement and none except them will enter through it ,and after their entry the gate will be closed and nobody else will enter through it.

Who is allowed to fast?

Fasting is prescribed for every Muslim who has reached Puberty and is of sound mind and health. Quran chapter 2 verse 183; Allah Ta’ala says;  O you who believe! Fasting is prescribed to you,as it was prescribed for those before you,so that you may guard against evil.Therefore Fasting is obligatory for every able muslim.

Quran Chapter 2 verse 184-185 ; Allah Ta’alla states; …But whoever among you is sick or on a journey,then (he shall fast) a (like) number of other days;and those who are not able to do it may effect a redemption by feeding a poor man;so whoever does good spontaneously it is better for him;and you that you fast is better for you if you know,

From the above verse we find that he sick and traveller are excused from fasting for the period of time of their inconvenience but when they regain convenience then they will have to fast for days like those they missed during Ramadhan.

Similarlly and elderly person,a chronically ill person and a mentally sick person are not allowed to fast but they pay a ransom for that which may include feeding a needy person for the whole of Ramadhan.

A pregnant woman, a breast feeding mother if her it may harm her kid if she fasts ,a woman who has just given birth and a menstruating woman are also prohibited from fasting but will later repay for the days they missed.


What acts are best during Ramadhan?

The best act apart from Fasting is reading the Quran.This is due to the fact that Quran was revealed on this month.

We can also increase in giving charity during this month as it is the month of giving therefore we should increae our sadaqah.

We should also Increase our Adhkar (Remembarance of Allah)


we should visit the sick and make dua for them and we should Also listen to islamic lectures.

In short we should increase our good deeds and refrain from bad deeds duting this month.

What prayers do we make during Ramadhan?

Well,apart from the Five obligatory prayers, we can also add the nawafil prayers (optional)

the evey day nawafil prayers of 2 rakaats befor fajr,2 or 4 before dhuhr and 2 after dhuhr,2 after maghrib and 2 after isha.

2 or 4 rakaats after salatul jumuah,

swalatul dhuha

swalatul taraweh number of rakaats depending on the imam you are praying could be 8 or 20 or even more rakaats.

swalatul tahajud

Swalatul witr.

The night prayers i.e taraweh,tahajud and witr are  always refered to as Qiyamul Layl and is always encouraged during Ramadhan.

azzawia-tarawih2012e PsychologicalBlessings-of-Tarawih


Finally we should make our iftar light so we can be able to perform these night prayers and also remember our neighbours while taking iftar and invite them over.We should also remember the poor and needy Muslims.

251720998_cd41a3fc45 Iftar ramadan-mubarak

What ibadah should a muslimah do on her menstrual days?

As a muslimah myself i know how this days can disconnect you from the ramadhan spirit especially if you have longer days. the best thing you could do on these days include;

  • Listening to Quran. Alhamdulillah with this technological revolution we have mp3’s for the whole Quran on our Phones and other media devices.One can plug in their headphones and experience the spiritual journey of the Quran.One also has an option of choosing the Qiraat they like,Personally, Abdullah Basfar, Adil Kalbani,Abdulrahman al Sudeis and Mishary Rashid Al Afasy are my best.
  • You can also listen to lectures and Alhamdulillah we have alot of sheikh’s contents over the internet,Cable satelite Tv channels and our local Masjids again you got the liberty of choosing how you are going to listen to the lectures.If I may,my favorite Sheikhs include, Sheikh Assim al Hakeem,Said Rageah,Yusha Evans,Mufti Ismail Musa Menk,Nouman Ali Khan ,Jimmy Jones and Abdurraheem Green.Locally in Kenya,Sheikh Juma Amir and Sheikh Abu Qatadah.
  • You can do Dhikr.One can  do Tasbeehat i.e saying Subhanallah Alhamdulillah Allahu Akbar Lailaha illa Allah Muhammadan Rasullullah and make duas in plenty.The best dua especially during the last 10 days of Ramadhan is “Allahumma Innaka Afuwwun Tuhibul Afuafa’fu anni”Meaning Oh! Allah You are the One who pardons greatly,and loves to pardon,so please pardo me.
  • You can read the translated Qur’an.This will enhance your understanding of the Qur’an.
  • Finally you can increase your good deds at this time.

Finally Brothers and sisters we should strive to make each ramadhan better than the previous one.Worship like it is your last Strive to make your worship perfect.All in all may Allah increase our Eeman accept our Duas,Swalahs,Saum and pardon us for our shortcomings.May he also have mercy on the souls of our brothers and sisters who left and and grant them the highest Jannah Firdaus. Ameen

Ramadhan Mubarak to you and your family from me and my family.1342813852117_7226069

Being 22

All my life i have never been as confused as i have been on this particular age.When i turned 22 i instantly felt a load on me .It’s like responsibility just fell on me from nowhere.Adults start veiwing you as a fellow adult and the young ones think you still are a kid.As adults invite you to their table of WOMEN (MEN) they can only share some information and other information they consider you as too young to know about .The young ones will still invite you to mischief…and will be annoyed when you decline to join in..They are not aware you now have a reputation to maintain.
At times i wish there was a manual on how one is supposed to live when they hit double 2 .
This is the point in life when one starts knowing themselves and creating their image,It is also that point that one chooses his friends and acquintances.It is also the age that one realizes his or her sexuality.
At 22 especially in Africa that Aunty NaeNae we all love starts giving you glances since everyone in your age group is getting married and you are their with zero signs of ever getting a partner. To some point you start questioning yourself as to why everyone around you is in a relationship except you.
It is also that age that one joins the job market and embraces independence  with so much Income and zero responsibility 22 is that age you TURN’T UP but with care or else unwanted responsibilities may crop up.(addiction,pregnancies).
At 22 personally i feel it is just one age when you live life with zero re
grets …and if you wanna know how a big deal being 22 is listen to Taylor Swifts 22.


22 years


couldn’t say it more…stop the islamaphobia


It is only logical that i introduce myself right, I am scriptee31, Kenyan (born and raised) a Muslimah, an avid social media enthusiast ( in terms of reading other peoples views and stuffs) read ‘stalker’. I am by no means a writer by profession so i ask for your patience if my writing is not up to par.

Recently during the Easter break we had an unfortunate tragedy that took the life of soo  many young (#147NotJustANumber) , enthusiastic, innocent Kenyans who were busy going about getting educated and hoping to improve their life and those of their loved ones. I will not pretend to know their families’ pain, disbelief, anger and disappointment among other indescribable emotions  as words can never ever express the pain of losing a loved one save the fact  the way they had to lose them, MY HEART FELT CONDOLENCES TO EACH AND EVERY ONE OF…

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Mean Girls

Well said female logic is just crazy

The Dad Letters


I’m not going to pretend to understand women- or that there’s anything universal about women that’s capable of being understood, analyzed and evaluated. All I know for sure, is that girls can be incredibly mean sometimes- and yesterday you got to experience that for yourselves.

One of the things we’ve always wanted for the three of you was to grow up in a neighborhood where there were kids everywhere- just like your mother and I had. I remember a little over a year ago when our doorbell rang and I answered it to find several curious little girls ages 3-10 asking if the two little boys they always saw coming and going from the house could come outside and play. I swear my heart almost burst out of my chest that day as I watch you excitedly throw on mismatching clothes and beg me to tie your shoes as…

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Kenya in my eyes


Sunset at makindu


Kite surfing at mombasa beach


Sunset at malindi marine park its cute when you are deep in the ocean


A sea diver enticing fish with bread so we can actually get to see them….Malindi marine park


Having coconut juice at mama ngina drive


Strolling the slim streets of Old Town Mombasa

Muslim woman at the office


Its so hard for many of us muslim women to wear a suit and be in hijab at the same time.
Some jobs would require one to be in strict uniform which at times may not accomodate the definition of hijab. In my quest to find hijab like office attire,which in this case does not apply to abaya,i didnt quite find a shop that sells maxi office skirts so the best next thing was to tailormake some.If you het the right tailor,one that knows what he is doing then you can get the best hijab office where you can always get the skirts to your hijab fit and not exposing.The slits on the skirt can be made hidden such that your feet won’t show.Maxi Pencils kirts can be the best option since they can be classy and ‘hijabish’


When it comes to wearing abayas to work let them be simple with black or silver stones,avoid golden and all other coloured stoned hijabs.


Another alternative for official hijab is getting your tailor or buying a full body suit or a dress suit or you can even buy an ankle length coat or jacket and pair it with black jeggings or straight pants for that official look


There you go muslimahs with these three options you can be that classy,trendy,serious hijab