a trial to blogging

i don’t know how blogging goes but i hope to learn.

sometimes i just don’t know where to air my views and actually get response on it so i think this is the best place to do so.

i’ve actually noticed am poor at using punctuation marks but hope i will improve on it.

don’t get tired on reading long sentenses next time the will be shorter.

Ok,Lets get to knowing each others interests and hope we will share alot and learn alot.

life is all about learning and learning is olways in motion it’s never static and it will never be.

so expect,footbal,fashion,movies,technology,movie,adventure,religion and places and sites to visit when holidaying around beautiful Kenya because thats what life is all about and thats my life.

as they say you only live once i say;

you only die once, so enjoy life before death comes to you!!



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