Muslim woman at the office


Its so hard for many of us muslim women to wear a suit and be in hijab at the same time.
Some jobs would require one to be in strict uniform which at times may not accomodate the definition of hijab. In my quest to find hijab like office attire,which in this case does not apply to abaya,i didnt quite find a shop that sells maxi office skirts so the best next thing was to tailormake some.If you het the right tailor,one that knows what he is doing then you can get the best hijab office where you can always get the skirts to your hijab fit and not exposing.The slits on the skirt can be made hidden such that your feet won’t show.Maxi Pencils kirts can be the best option since they can be classy and ‘hijabish’


When it comes to wearing abayas to work let them be simple with black or silver stones,avoid golden and all other coloured stoned hijabs.


Another alternative for official hijab is getting your tailor or buying a full body suit or a dress suit or you can even buy an ankle length coat or jacket and pair it with black jeggings or straight pants for that official look


There you go muslimahs with these three options you can be that classy,trendy,serious hijab


3 thoughts on “Muslim woman at the office

    1. If your workplace has a strict dresscode…you could customize them…like if it is a trouser that is preferred you could make the shirts a bit longer or the coats to knee for skirts and abaya dresses (The last Photo) i prefer tailor made ones since you could specify how loose you want them. All the best In Shaa Allah

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