couldn’t say it more…stop the islamaphobia


It is only logical that i introduce myself right, I am scriptee31, Kenyan (born and raised) a Muslimah, an avid social media enthusiast ( in terms of reading other peoples views and stuffs) read ‘stalker’. I am by no means a writer by profession so i ask for your patience if my writing is not up to par.

Recently during the Easter break we had an unfortunate tragedy that took the life of soo  many young (#147NotJustANumber) , enthusiastic, innocent Kenyans who were busy going about getting educated and hoping to improve their life and those of their loved ones. I will not pretend to know their families’ pain, disbelief, anger and disappointment among other indescribable emotions  as words can never ever express the pain of losing a loved one save the fact  the way they had to lose them, MY HEART FELT CONDOLENCES TO EACH AND EVERY ONE OF…

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