Being 22

All my life i have never been as confused as i have been on this particular age.When i turned 22 i instantly felt a load on me .It’s like responsibility just fell on me from nowhere.Adults start veiwing you as a fellow adult and the young ones think you still are a kid.As adults invite you to their table of WOMEN (MEN) they can only share some information and other information they consider you as too young to know about .The young ones will still invite you to mischief…and will be annoyed when you decline to join in..They are not aware you now have a reputation to maintain.
At times i wish there was a manual on how one is supposed to live when they hit double 2 .
This is the point in life when one starts knowing themselves and creating their image,It is also that point that one chooses his friends and acquintances.It is also the age that one realizes his or her sexuality.
At 22 especially in Africa that Aunty NaeNae we all love starts giving you glances since everyone in your age group is getting married and you are their with zero signs of ever getting a partner. To some point you start questioning yourself as to why everyone around you is in a relationship except you.
It is also that age that one joins the job market and embraces independence  with so much Income and zero responsibility 22 is that age you TURN’T UP but with care or else unwanted responsibilities may crop up.(addiction,pregnancies).
At 22 personally i feel it is just one age when you live life with zero re
grets …and if you wanna know how a big deal being 22 is listen to Taylor Swifts 22.


22 years


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