“I was angry, but not at the Nazis” –One Way Highschools are Failing to Educate

Wafiq Syed

Tears rolled down the cheeks of my fellow students as they watched “Schindler’s List” in our grade 10 World History class. As I observed the class, a fire of anger lit up inside of me. The more sad faces and tears I saw, the more fuel was added to my fire. Although I was sad for the Jews who faced countless atrocities during the Holocaust, I was angry, and NOT at the Nazis.

Scene from movie "Schindler's List" Scene from movie “Schindler’s List”

I felt confused and sad as to how so many students can shed tears for historical events, and yet remain unaware of the many issues which exist today! The irony of high schools and their education systems became prevalent to me when a young girl emotionally asked our teacher, “Why did the whole world ignore the rise of Nazis for so long?” I asked myself in those same distressing seconds, why do so many people ignore the situations…

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