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I’ve thought about that often since. I mean, about the word nice. Perhaps I mean good. Of course, they mean nothing, when you start to think about them. A good man, one says; a good woman; a nice man, a nice woman. Only in talk, of course, these are not words to use in a novel. I’d be careful not to use them.

The Golden Notebook by Doris Lessing

A teacher recommended The Golden Notebook to me more than a decade ago. Written by Doris Lessing, The Golden Notebook centers around the life of a writer, Anna Wulf, who tries to make sense of the chaos of life by separating out her experiences into four distinct notebooks. It’s a book I’ve started more than once and despite not having finished it, this one quote has always stuck with me.

After reading Anna’s frustration with the words “good” and…

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Midi skirts are skirts whose lengths end just
below the knee and the mid-calf. Most women
avoid this trend because they feel it does nothing
to flatter their figure but really it gives you this
feminine and grown up look and what’s more, it
hides the bump in our mid region so those of us
whose stomachs are not on the flat side need not
worry about bumps showing. It’s only right to
say that it can be a bit difficult to pull off this
trend especially when it is to be worn to work
because most women do not know what to
consider when it comes to wearing a midi skirt.

Length : This is a crucial thing to consider
because not all lengths are for everyone and a
wrong length leaves us looking unattractive and
nobody wants that, so if you are on the shorter
side you shouldn’t…

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a trial to blogging

i don’t know how blogging goes but i hope to learn.

sometimes i just don’t know where to air my views and actually get response on it so i think this is the best place to do so.

i’ve actually noticed am poor at using punctuation marks but hope i will improve on it.

don’t get tired on reading long sentenses next time the will be shorter.

Ok,Lets get to knowing each others interests and hope we will share alot and learn alot.

life is all about learning and learning is olways in motion it’s never static and it will never be.

so expect,footbal,fashion,movies,technology,movie,adventure,religion and places and sites to visit when holidaying around beautiful Kenya because thats what life is all about and thats my life.

as they say you only live once i say;

you only die once, so enjoy life before death comes to you!!